Shiv Niwas Palace – Udaipur

It was constructed at the turn of the century as a supplement to the royal residence, Shambhu Niwas- a western looking building. Shiv Niwas is basically its complete opposite with its curved ‘chajjas’ or dripstone roofs along with its arched chambers that were symbolic of the extravagance of the numerous white halls and white kiosks overlooking Lake Pichola.Two of the court artisans were sent to London for higher studies and create the fine art of frescos and glass mosaic design in its interiors. Used for various purposes, such as a royal residence, guest house and home, till recently as a magnificent suite of Belgian crystal furniture, Shiv Niwas was transformed into a hotel in the year 1982 and is currently being run by Maharana Arvind Singh- the head of the clan. It is undoubtedly one of the most elegant palace hotels in India. The palace is renowned for having preserved its original ornamentation coupled with its splendid maintenance, by the head of the clan itself.

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