Kuchaman Fort – Kuchaman

Kuchaman Fort is of extraordinary significance in Rajasthan’s history as it remained unconquered by either the Marathas or the Mughals. The Fort’s countless porches, balconies, and viewing points, coupled with its rich and fascinating history, makes it a distinct and a highly recommended destination for visitors. The hotel’s height rises up to 1000 feet from the entrance, accounting for the splendid views from different levels of the hotel. The view during the evening of the lit-up city and the Aravalli slopes and Sambarlake is charming. The corridor of the royal residence houses lovely murals, miniature paintings along with some gilded work. The arches and little alcove made in the walls contain excellent artistic creations with unique trim work executed in gold paint. There is also an underground, temperature-controlled swimming pool along with a courtyard outlined like a chess board. The fort has 34 deluxe heritage rooms with all modern facilities.

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