Rajasthan Car Rental

Delhi is the gateway to Rajasthan as most of the visitors arrive in Delhi to travel to Rajasthan. Most of travellers to Rajasthan prefer to travel to Rajasthan by hire car with driver from Delhi.
We have one of the best and largest fleet of our cars, vans and coaches in Delhi to enable you to tour Rajasthan by chauffeur driven car in comfort and style.

State Express also offers you car rental with driver in all major cities in Rajasthan whether it is for Airport / Railway station transfers, local city sight-seeing tours or outstation package tours to Rajasthan by private car and driver. We ensure safety, convenience, reliability and good rates for car rental service to and within Rajasthan.



You may wonder why most of tourists prefer a Rajasthan Tour by Car from Delhi. There are a number of good reasons why people would take car on hire with driver for visit to Rajasthan in India.

●  Rajasthan is not only a land of forts and palaces but also known for its History and vibrant people. There are so many attractions in every place which are not confined to only big cities like Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, etc. When you travel to Rajasthan by car, it gives you an opportunity to stop the car at any attraction on the way. You can spend there as much time as you wish which is possible only with a chauffeur driven car on hire. Besides, you do not waste any time waiting at airport or railway stations if travelling by flight or trains. Therefore, it makes lot of sense to hire car for tour to Rajasthan.

●  It is so affordable to hire your private car with driver for Rajasthan that you may find it difficult to believe. If you are travelling in group of three or four persons, it may be cheaper to travel by chauffeur driven private car than using public transport. You may not believe it, but it’s absolutely true.

●  Rajasthan tour by car gives you total flexibility to travel at your own pace or convenience. You do not need to bother about getting up early morning to catch your flight train which are have fixed schedules. You also do not need to go through hassle of security checks or waiting of airports/stations. There is also no risk of any inconvenience caused due to flights or trains not arriving or departing on schedule.

●  Private car tour to Rajasthan also enables you to visit every small or remote place in Rajasthan which may not be possible by using public transport. The real experience to visit Rajasthan is in villages and you may visit any remote village and experience the rural life in your private car.

●  When you hire a car for Rajasthan Tour, You do not have to return to the city where you started. You also have an option of pick up your car in any city and leave it in any other city if you are travelling out of Rajasthan by flight.

We can also offer you complete package tour inclusive of hotels of your choice and guide service at unbeatable rate.


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