Samode Bagh – Samode

The Samode Bagh is a very unusual hotel. Here the guests enjoy the lush abundance of flowers and trees, walk amidst fountains and waterways, lounge under the luxurious canopied pavilions and would be serenaded by the birds that welcome them into their natural abode. This is a place to unwind while enjoying the unparalleled hospitality of Samode. Here the accommodation is in 44 luxuriously appointed Royal tents. Another palace depicting the grandeur of ancient times allowing you to spend time here and be intrigued by its design and royal sentiments attached.

Unlike other palaces, this is more like a tented place but in complete royal luxury. Keeping in mind the convenience of travelers, the tents are fully equipped with necessary amenities including clean bathrooms furnished with marbles and proper air conditioning in the premises. In addition to this, each tent offers an outdoor private seating arrangement which is perfect to spend time reading, relaxing or just simply enjoying the peace around.

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