Gajner Palace – Gajner

During the 18th century when Maharaja Gaj Singh got married to a Jaisalmer princess, she requested him to build a pleasure garden for her, and he dutifully obeyed, creating a tank as well in the entire process. This resulted in the inception of Ganjer, which was inherited by the king’s descendants. Later, Maharaja Sardar Singh transformed it into a hunting lodge that had a relatively larger tank. This inheritance was further used by Maharaja Ganga Singh for his diplomatic gains along with perfecting the hunt to a fine art. Ganjer was eventually known for its warmth and immense hospitality. In fact, the new Ganjer palace was also designed during Maharaja Ganga Singh’s rule, under the great expertise of Sir Swinton Jacob, with its unique twin dressing rooms for every room, so as to allow couples to get dressed at their own pace. With an additional building built alongside the main building, Ganjer Palace is now considered as one of the most renowned hotels with 25 rooms and a restaurant located on the premises of the hotel.

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