Deogarh Mahal – Deogarh

The magnificent fort was a stronghold for Rawats of Deogarh who ruled over the fourth largest jagir in whole of Rajasthan. At one time, their territory extended to 210 villages.This was converted into a Heritage Hotel by Deogarh family members and even today a part of the Mahal is still occupied by them. The family personally supervise and manage the hotel which is reflected in the minutest details that made Deogarh a yardstick of Heritage Hospitality in Rajasthan. The hotel has 50 Rooms and suites. All rooms are elegant with modern amenities and attached bathroom. The restoration on the Mahal was planned carefully keeping in mind the old architectural style of the building. The philosophy has been to offer every guest the comforts of today with an ambience of the past.

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