Rohet Garh – Rohet

It is the stimulated desert home of the successors of the sixteenth century Rathore of the Champawat faction, Thakur Dalpat Singh I. The “Jagir” (Field) of Rohet was presented to him as a token of appreciation for his courage in the war. Generations of great honourable men have created this heritage home where even today, the aristocratic values are placed above the modern societal norms. The Rajputs are well-known for their warm and courteous hospitality, and that’s exactly what the guests at Rohet are presented with. Often, the visitors find themselves in awe with the beautiful peacocks, roaming under finely cut stone archways while the wind whispers through the neem tree forests and bougainvillaeas. A wonderful oasis of landscaped gardens and blooming flowers lies within the time-weathered walls of this place. The have numerous wide and spacious rooms, interiors of which are beautifully done using local arms, photographs and paintings. The entire furniture is carved, and several hunting trophies are mounted on the walls. The wide number of objects put on display here live up to Rohet’s reputation as a hunting resort. With its 25 rooms, Rohet Garh stands tall as one of the most professionally run, customised properties in Rajasthan.

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