Area   866 Sq km.
Altitude   772 Meters
Best season   September – February
Languages   English, Hindi, Rajasthani
Climate Max Min
Summer 37°c 24°c
Winter 31°c 11°c
Clothing Summer Winter
Light tropical Woollen

Situated 37 km from Alwar-Jaipur state highway, lies a lively forest amidst the picturesque valley of the Aravallis. It pulses a beat of its own natural habitat. This sanctuary was established in the year 1955 and offers a remarkably unique opportunity to witness a variety of animals at close range. There are wide varieties of Tiger, nilgai, sambar, cheetal, four horned antelope and wild bear. The thick forests here are the dry deciduous type and cover an area of 480 Sq. km.


BharatpurThe Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is well-known for its population of Tigers and its exotic variety of animals. It is located at a distance of 37 km from the city of Alwar, Rajasthan. Covered with dry deciduous forests, Sariska lies in the middle of Aravalli. According to the tourists, some of the widely spotted wild animals are Jackal, Leopard, Bengal Fox, Wild Dog, Hyena, Indian Hare, Jungle Cat, Tiger, Ratel, Northern Palm Squirrel and the Indian Grey Mongoose. The sanctuary also provides habitat to various other animals such as the Chausingha, Wild Boar, Sambar, Cheetal, Nilgai, Monkeys, Langurs and Rhesus.


Hanuman Temple

Sariska is highly famous for its natural wilderness along with its great cultural and religious significance. Several temples are located within the Sariska National Park and serve as a major tourist attraction for visitors. The renowned Hanuman temple is situated near the watchtower at the Sariska National Park and lies at a distance of 11 km from the park’s entrance.

The ancient Hanuman temple at Sariska is popularly known as Pandu Pole. Situated amidst the green surroundings of the forest, the temple is known to create a mysterious ambience. There is a giant idol of Hanuman that is available in a leaned back position and retreats to the times of Mahabharata. There are many monkeys and langurs running about the hanuman sanctuary premises. The vast majority of these are safe.


Another intriguing spot among the spots to see in Sariska and a noteworthy fascination for the vacationers is the Pandupol. As indicated by the legend, the Pandavas spent some piece of their outcast period at the Pandupol in Sariska. This has given the spot a critical chronicled significance and motivation behind why such a large number of vacationers stop to visit the Pandupol in transit to the National Park. History additionally guarantees that it is here at Pandupol that Bhima, who obtained the quality of a thousand elephants, had been crushed in the personality fight by Lord Hanuman.

The Pandupol is a characteristic curve that has been engraved in the limestone in light of the activity of water, a few hundred feet over the ground. There is a delightful waterfall that is made at the Pandupol in Sariska amidst the stormy seasons.

Kankawadi Fort

Kankawadi Fort is another verifiable historic point in Sariska and among the few traveler places in Sariska , worth a visit. This is the main spot cap which demonstrates the Mughal association of Sariska. At the point when under the Mughal principle, the Kankawadi Fort was worked by ruler Aurangzeb. The recorded importance of the Kankawadi Fort lies in the way that Aurangazeb had kept his sibling Dara Shikoh a detainee inside the Fort.

The Kankawadi Fort is arranged on top of a slope. It gives an all-encompassing vision of the flying creatures and the whole avian group of the Sariska National park. The Fort overlooks the Kankawadi Plateau and various Gujjar towns around. The panthers from the encompassing zones visit the Kankawadi Fort regularly looking for nourishment and water.

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