Roopangarh Fort – Kishangarh

The fort was built in the year 1648 AD by Maharaja Roop Singh of Kishangarh for the defense of the district. The fort was once used to protect the town but now the fort is one of the main heritage hotels of Ajmer. This fort with its traditional decoration and hospitality welcomes guests and serves them with warmth so that they can treasure their trip to Ajmer and their stay at the Roopangarh Fort.Roopangarh Fort is a true fortress to the north of Kishangarh lies between Ajmer and Makrana which is very famous for its white marble. It was built by Maharaja Roop Singh in 17th century at a strategic location atop a hill in order to control the trade route to Sambhar salt lake. Later many artisans settled there around the fort. The fort was used as a residence of Kishangarh Royal family and later a palace was constructed next to the fort. Maharaja converted this into a hotel in the year 1999 but took pains to keep the interior and exterior in its original form. There are 20roomsand suites with all modern amenities.

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