Desert Safari

Camel Safari

The Great Indian Desert of Rajasthan can be explored and enjoyed to its core only through an authentic journey into its hinterland on a camel’s back. A camel is not the easiest animal to ride on, but the alternative of walking in dense sand is even harder. It takes a little time for any individual to get used to the rocking motion of the camel. Initially, the time seems to pass at an extremely slow pace, and the scenic view of sheets and waves of sand remains completely unchanged. As the time passes by, the body begins to adjust to the rocking motion of the camel and starts moving along with the camel, that tends to ease the previous discomfort felt by the body. At this point, a sense of serenity begins to transpire that takes the individual into the primeval world- devoid of any civilizations and technology, as most people know it, the beginning of time and mankind. The duration of camel safaris can vary from just one day to numerous days, and it is up to you to select an option that best suits your requirements and schedule. Most of the camel safaris travel a distance of 30-40 km a day, on an average. The desert regions that include the Shekhawati belt, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur and certain areas around Pushkar and Nagpur, are the most recommended ones for a camel safari. The most preferred season to indulge in this lifetime experience is Winters.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is an excellent way of experiencing the scenic beauty of Rajasthan especially during winter months when the cool winter breeze is combined with warm sunshine. The essence of a safari lies in the exploration of lesser-known destinations and the countryside. The tribal regions of Rajasthan, the small villages, the ruins of old forts and the temple complexes provide a sense of reaching a destination, to such safaris.