M. Amir

Dear Rinky, My feedback/testimonial is as follows:- In lieu of our recent trip to India, I personally feel that the transportation provided by your company (State Express) was one of the highlight of the trip. The bus provided was in good condition, spacious and very comfortable even for my sister who have spinal problem. As agreed, all state taxes, fuel, parking and highway charges have been included in the very affordable package. My special thanks to: 1) Ms.Rinky - who have promptly and professionally replied to all my queries and also managed the trip. 2) Mr. Shiv Singh - who was a superb, safe and trustworthy bus driver. He was able to converse in considerably very good English. He also showed his concern when one of us was not well and gave us good advices when we were in an unfamiliar places. 3) Mr.Mahavir (Bhola) - Helper and Driver Assistant who is as superb, trustworthy and concerned as Mr. Shiv Singh. Always kept a smiling face and never let us handle our luggage, he will do all the hardwork for us. I would vouch anyone who is considering taking transportation service from this company. Thank you.
M. Amir 12 February 2016