Franco Groppetti

Dear Miss Rinki, after we made the journey in India with State Express, I feel compelled to express my satisfaction for the transport service and for hotels, all of good quality, although in some of those we have not had the best rooms available ( but this was not a problem).. We also liked the way you drive the car by the driver Omkar and I want to send a special thanks to the driver who took us around Delhi on March 20 (if I remember correctly is nammedSonu or Sonil). He was very kind and attentive and stayed on the platform in the night, to make sure that all was well until the train left to Khajuraho. In the probability of still use the services of the State Express, may be in the next November, I send best regards to you and to Mr. Chandra. P.S. I greet also Mamlesh that received us at the airport and that I already had met on previous trips taround your country.
Franco Groppetti 10 April 2016