Malji ka Kamra – Churu

Malji Ka Kamra is a century old haveli in town of Churu in Shekhawati region. The turquoise blue, Wedding cake like tiered structure of haveliis an architectural marvel – a unique combination of Shekhawati’s famous fresco paintings with European pillared architecture, Italian art-deco influences and Mughal style doors and arches. The haveli was constructed by Malji Kothari, one of richest traders in the regionto serve as a guesthouse for Maharaja of Bikaner. This was later used for entertainment by artists who were brought from all over the area for guests and dignitaries. It took more than 17 years to complete the building which is visible by changing style of artwork on its walls. The present owners renovated and restored this heritage mansion retaining the original style and opened its doors to visitors as a heritage hotel.

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